Strayer Critical Thinking Midterm Exam

Strayer PHI 210, Critical Thinking Midterm Exam (aka Exam 1)
8 pages, 25 correct answers. Example: Jose really likes bacon and wants to wrap bacon around all of the appetizers to be served at a dinner party. Sarah disagrees and suggests guests might want a “bacon-free” option. Jose claims that no one should listen to Sarah because she is a crazy vegetarian.

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Meghan is studying alternative medicine. She has been reading articles on the web about the benefits and risks of ingesting herbs to alleviate common medical conditions. Which of the following questions should help her to determine the perspective of a particular website?

A medical expert is famous for his research in the field of hypertension. An international drug company, for which he does not work, pays him to lecture at conferences to endorse their new hypertension drug. Which of the following could lead to a loss in the expert’s credibility?

John is staunchly opposed to the legalization of marijuana. He believes that if we legalize marijuana, more people will start using heroin and cocaine. Then we’d have to legalize those too.

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