SCI110 Week 6 Assignment

Introduction to Physical Science, SCI 110, Week 6 Assignment
5 pages, 718 words with references in APA format.
Redacted Essay text for review.

Ionic bonds form as the result of the transfer of electrons from one atom to another and the electrostatic interaction that results between the ions formed. [redact]…[/redact] When this electron is transferred to another atom, that atom gains a negative charge and becomes a negatively charged ion. T[redact]…[/redact]
Covalent bondson the other hand are formed through the sharing of electrons between [redact]…[/redact] orbital that is half full, or nearly so. [redact]…[/redact]to form covalent bonds and the resulting compounds are covalent compounds and are much more common than ionic compounds. [redact]

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