SCI110 Week 4 Assignment

Introduction to Physical Science, SCI 110, Week 4 Assignment
5 pages, 904 words with references in APA format.
Redacted Essay text for review.

Temperature is a measure of the amount of kinetic energy an object has and the transfer of that energy is heat. [redact]…[/redact] several scales that can be used to measure heat such as the Fahrenheit scale, Celsius scale and Kelvin scale. [redact]…[/redact] for example if I were to stand outside in the wind I would experience convection because my body heat would [redact]…[/redact]transferred to the ground and if I were to stand in the sun light I would experience radiation because the solar energy would[redact]…[/redact]air or ground were warmer than my body that energy would be transferred to my body instead of away. Simply, c[redact]

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