SCI110 Week 2 Assignment

Introduction to Physical Science, SCI 110, Week 2 Assignment
5 pages, 915 words with references in APA format.
Redacted Essay text for review.

Fossil fuels are objects that have decomposed over a period of time and are based in carbon or a product of methane which can be produced into natural gas, coal and petroleum. The fossil fuels are an attractive energy source because they can be burned easily to [redact]…[/redact] and easily transported. There are three types of fossils fuels, petroleum also known as crude oil which is mainly tiny organisms such as plankton. Petroleum deposits are often found in the same locations as natural gas which is the next type of [redact]…[/redact] that lived in the oceans millions of years ago. The exact process by which these materials become either petroleum or natural gas is not fully understood but it is believed that bacteria, pressure and time are [redact]…[/redact] and in swamps and bogs millions of years ago. When these plants die, they are slowly covered with sediment and over time pressed deep into the earth where they are affected by mounting heat and pressure. [redact]…[/redact]
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