CIS 499 Capstone Project Deliverable 4: Analytics, Interfaces, and Cloud Technology

Capstone course for the Strayer Bachelor of Information Systems program. Project Deliverable 4: Analytics, Interfaces, and Cloud Technology, contanins two files:
Exclusive and Original document Available only on Course Answer
In this deliverable, you will support the need for the use of analytics and cloud technology within your company, create a workflow diagram to illustrate how analytics and cloud technology could align with the company’s business processes, create screen layouts that illustrate the interface that organizational users will utilize, and give a recommendation for partners that could help your company secure a firm advantage by using analytics and cloud technology. You will need to update the project plan.
Submission Requirements
o Design Document (MS Word)
o Revised Project Plan (MS Project)

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Large companies have been using the power of business analytics for quite a while now. Your company desires to get in on the action; company executives believe that using advanced data analysis will enable the company to make smarter decisions and improve business performance. Business analytics gives companies the ability to look at past realizations and performance as well as set up new expectations and performance goals. Analytics-as-a-Service is a new delivery model that uses cloud technology to provide business insights without enormous infrastructure enhancements. The executive team has heard great things about analytics and cloud technology but is apprehensive because they are unfamiliar with the look and feel of the technology. The executive team is interested in your recommendations and eagerly awaiting your forward-thinking viewpoint.

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