CIS 499 Capstone Project Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception

Capstone course for the Strayer Bachelor of Information Systems program. Project Deliverable 1: Project Plan Inception, contanins two files:
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In this deliverable, you will create a project introduction that includes background information of the company, the type of business that the company is involved in, speculation upon outsourcing and offshoring opportunities, identification of skilled information systems personnel need for project, specific types of data that the company collects, and a description of the integrative information systems that the company should have to support the business. You will also create a project plan to record tasks, subtasks, and resources, and identify the schedule of the project. Additionally, the plan will outline the planning, analysis, design, and implementation phases of your project.
o Project Introduction (MS Word)
o Project Plan (MS Project)

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You are a newly appointed Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a $25 million dollar data collection and analysis company that has been operating less than two (2) years. It is expected to grow by 60% over the next eighteen (18) months. Your company currently collects data using Web analytics and combines it with operational systems data. Web analytics is an increasingly important part of most business marketing plans. Your company is looking for ways to leverage the collected data but wants to ensure that the information technology infrastructure will support the expected growth that the company is anticipating. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has given you sixty (60) days to deliver a comprehensive information systems project plan to address the organizational growth that the company is experiencing. The company will be expanding from one (1) floor to three (3) floors within six (6) months. Since this is a relatively new company, there is currently limited technology infrastructure to support the business. All information technology (hardware and software) must be redesigned to meet organizational needs. The solution should be implemented in either a hosted solution, on-site solution, or a hybrid model. The CEO is expecting you to integrate different technologies from different partners and incorporate industry best practices and cost-effective solutions in connection with the development of technological systems. In addition, the CEO is extremely interested in cloud computing technologies and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) but is leery of security issues that may be associated. However, he is sure that you will implement proper security protocols. The company currently consists of twenty (20) employees of which four (4), including yourself, are dedicated to the IT organization.

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