MAT104 WebAssign Chapter 12 with 32 Questions

MAT104 WebAssign Chapter 12 with 32 Questions
1.)Calculate the monthly finance charge for the following credit card transaction. Assume that it takes 10 days for a payment to be received and recorded and that the month is 30 days long. Assume 365 days in a year.(Round your answer to the nearest cent)
$3,000 balance, 21% rate, $1,500 payment, adjusted balance method
2.)Use Venn diagrams to check the validity of the argument.
No monkeys are soldier
All monkeys are mischievous
Therefore some mischievous creatures are not soldier

All snarks are fribbles
All fribbles are ugly
Therefore all snarks are ugly

All cats are animals
This is not a animal
Therefore this is not a cat

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3.)Calculate the monthly finance charge for the following credit card transaction. Assume that it takes 10 days for a payment to be received and recorded and that the month is 30 days long. (Round your answer to the nearest cent)

$300 balance,18% rate, $250 payment, Average daily balance method

4.) If the principal P=$400, the interest I=$144 and the Rate R=9% find the following:

What is the time?
What is the future value?

5.)Do the following.

A)Write the expression and terms of natural logarithms. (Express all logarithmic functions in terms of ln(x)in your answer) log_(8.9)(111|)

B)Give a calculator approximation (correct to four decimal places)log_(8.9)(111|)

6.)In how many ways can 5 books can be arrange in a bookshelf?

9.)Choose a natural number between 1 and 29 inclusive. What is the probability that the number is a multiple of 3?

9/29 or 31.03%?


11.) If $670 is in invested in an account that earns 13.25% compound annually what will the account balance be after 14 years? (Round the answer to the nearest cents)

12.) An artifact was found and tested for it’s carbon-14 content. If 83% of the original carbon-14 was still present, what is the probable age (to the nearest 100 years) use that carbon-14 has a half life of 5,730 years.


16.)In how many ways can a chairperson and a vice chairperson be selected from a committee of 14 senators?

18.)Dice is popular game on a gambling casinos. Two dice are tossed and various amounts are paid according to the outcome. In a certain game, if a four or eleven occurs on the first roll, the player wins. What is the probability of winning on the first roll?

19.)Simplify the expression (X-3)(2x-5)-(x+1)(x-6)=


21.) If a history teacher gives a 19 question T-F exam. In how many different ways can the test be answered if the possible answers are T or F or possible to leave the answer blank?

22.) If possible completely factor the expression. (If the polynomial is not factorable using integers, enter PRIME)
x2 – 5x -24

23.) An oil drilling company knows that it cost $28,000 to sink a test well. If oil is hit the income for the drilling company will be $ 445,000. If only a natural Gas is hit the income will be $145,000. If nothing is hit there will be no more income. If the probability of hitting oil is 1/40 and if the probability of hitting gas is 1/20 what is the expectation for the drilling company?

Should the company sink the test well? YES or NO?

24.) At the time of George W. Bush’s Presidency, there have been 43 presidents of the United States. Draw a Venn diagram showing the following facts about where each served before assuming the presidency. How many presidents served as vice-presidents and in the senate, but did not served in a cabinet post?

14 were vice-presidents
6 served in the senate
15 held a cabinet post
2 were VP and served in the senate
8 were VP and held a cabinet post
4 served in the senate and held a cabinet post
1 was VP in the senate and held a cabinet post

25.) If the principal P= $700, the interest I = $336 and the Time T=4 years find the following

What is the rate?
What is the future value?

26.) Evaluate the ff expression; 27Po=


28.)What is the probability of obtaining the sum of at least 4 when rolling a pair of dice?

29.)The breaking strength (in pounds) of a certain new synthetic is normally distributed, with a mean of 165 and a variance of 9. The material is considered defective if the breaking strength is less than 159 pounds. What is the probability that a single randomly selected piece of material will be defective? (Give the answer to 2 decimal places)

30.) The South Davis faculty Association is using the Hare method to vote for their collective bargaining representative. Their choices are the ALL faculty association (A), American Federation of teachers (B) and California Teachers Association (C) The results of the preferences are shown in the following table:


Which organization is selected for collective bargaining using the Hare method? A B or C
Does the choice in part a violate the majority criterion? YES or NO?

31.) Suppose you see a car with a advertise piece of $27,450 at $552.55 per month for 5 years. What is the amount of interest paid?

32.) Consider a die with eight sides, marked one,two, three and so on. Assuming equally likely outcomes find the probability that the sum of two dice is the given number. (Enter the answer either as a fraction or as a decimal rounded to three places)



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