MAT104 Algebra with Application Week 9 Quiz Chapter 10 Sections 10.1 – 10.4

MAT104 Week 9 Quiz : Chapter 10 Sections 10.1 – 10.4 with 10 questions
1.)What is the probability of getting a License plate that has a repeated letter or digit if you live in a state that has two numerals followed by 4 letters followed by one numeral? (Round to the nearest whole percent)
2.) Consider a die with eight sides, marked one,two,three and so on. Assuming equally likely outcomes, find the probability that the sum of two dice is the given number. (Enter the answer either as a fraction or as decimal rounded to three places)
3.) Choose an natural number between 1 and 20, inclusive. What is the probability that the number is multiple of 3?

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4.) A single card is drawn from a standard deck of cards. Find the following probabilities. A face card is a jack, queen, or king.
P(king I face card) =
P(face card I queen) =

5.) Find the requested probabilities. P(B) =

6.)If your expected value when playing a $1 game of chance is $0.05. How much should you have netted after playing the game 140 times?

7.)Determine whether the following figure represents a fair game. Assume that the cost to spin the wheel once is $5.00 and that you will receive the amount shown on the spinner after it stops.

8.)Poker is a common game in which players are dealt five cards from a deck of cards. It can be shown that there are 2,598,960 different possible poker hands. The winning hands (from highest to lowest) are shown in the table below. Find the requested probabilities. (Use a calculator and give the answer to five decimal places.)


9.)A single card is selected from an ordinary deck of cards. The sample space is shown in the following figure. Find the following probabilities. (Enter the answers either as fractions or as decimals rounded to three places)


10.)Find the probability which odds in favor are given in a problem. Odds in favor 7 to 3.

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