MAT104 Algebra with Application Week 8 Quiz Chapter 9 with 10 Questions

MAT104 Algebra with Application Week 8 Quiz Chapter 9 with 10 Questions
1.)Evaluate the expression
2.)A club with 34 members is to select five offers (president,vice president,secretary, and historian.) In how many ways this can be done?
3.)Evaluate the following expression _(23)P_O=
4.)A certain lock has three tumblers, and each tumbler can assume seven positions. How many different possibilities are there?
5.)A typical Social Security number is 555-47-5593. How many social security numbers are possible is the first two digits cannot be 0?

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Many states offer personalized license plate. California for example, allows personalized plates with seven spaces for numerals or letters, or one of the following four symbols


What is the total number of license plates possible this counting scheme? (Assume that each available space is occupied by a numeral, letter, symbol, or space. Give the answer in scientific notation. Round the first number to 2 decimal places.

7.) A student is asked to answer 7 out of 14 questions on an exam.
A classify the problem as a permutation, a combination or neither.
B In how many ways can she select the questions to be answered?

8.)A DNA molecule is shown on the following picture. A nucleotide is represented by one of the letters {a,t,c,g} A codon is defined to be a triplet of nucleotides. The order of the nucleotides in a codon is significant, and the nucleotides can be repeated. These codons are important in determining how DNA is transformed into protein. How many different codons are possible?


9.)How many skirt-blouse outfits can a woman wear if she has four skirt and 6 blouse?


10.)Evaluate the expression

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