MAT104 Algebra with Application Week 11 Quiz Chapter 12

MAT104 Week 11 Quiz : Chapter 12 with 7 Questions
1.)Find the standard divisor (to two decimal places)for the given population and the number representative seats. Assume the population is equal to 6,740,000 and number of seats is 19.
2.)Twelve board members are voting on after-meeting activities, and they are asked to checked any that they might like. The outcome of their choices is shown as following table. What is the outcome using approval voting?
3.)In 1993 the 101st International Olympic Committee met in Monaco to select the 2000 Winter Olympic site. The cities in the running were Beijing (B), Berlin (L) , Istanbul (I) ,Manchester (M) and Sydney (S). Suppose we looked at their voting preferences.

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A Is there a majority winner? YES or NO?
B If not, which city wins the plurality vote? B,L,I,M or S?
C Find the results of the election using the Hare method Just after the third vote, one the committee members voting for Manchester was accused of cheating and was disqualified. Because of the scandal one member admitted that she was voting insincerely and changed her vote from Manchester to Sydney. What is the result of using the Hare Method? B,L,I,M or S?
D Do the results of part A and B violate the criteria? YES or NO?
E If the last answer positive, which fairness criterion is being violated?
Irrelevant Alternatives Criterion
Majority Criterion
Condorcet Criterion
Monotonicity Criterion

4.)Supposed the modified quota is 7.17. Fill in the blanks and round your answers to 2 decimal places.

5.)The Adobe School District is hiring a vice principal and has interview four candidates; Anthony (A), Bono (B) Carol (C) and Den (D) The results of the hiring are shown in the following table.

A Who is the winner using the plurality method?
B Supposed that carol dropped out of the running before the vote is taken. Who is the winner using the plurality method?
C Do the results of parts A and B violate the irrelevant alternatives criterion? YES or NO?

6.) Use Hamilton’s plan to apportion the new seats to the existing states. Which state illustrates the Alabama paradox? Assume that the populations are in thousands.


7.) The South Davis Faculty Association is using the Hare Method to vote for their collective bargaining representative. Their choices are the All Faculty Association (A) American Federation of Teachers (B), and California Teachers Association (C). The results of the preferences are shown in the following table.

A Which organization is selected for collective bargaining using the Hare method? A B or C?
B Does the choice in part a violate the majority criterion? YES or NO?

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