CIS 417 Computer Forensics External Intrusion of the PlayStation Network

Strayer CIS 417 Computer Forensics Case Study 2, External Intrusion of the PlayStation Network
the Sony PlayStation Network was taken offline after an external intrusion was discovered. Further research this incident using quality and reputable resources.
Write a two to three page paper in which you:
1. Briefly summarize the details of the attack on the PlayStation Network, including the dates of
when the attack started and was eventually uncovered.
2. Indicate what explanation Sony officials gave for the length of time that had passed from the start
of the attack to when the general public was made aware of the details.
3. Analyze and explain what you believe the correct forensic investigative action would have been
once the attack was uncovered.

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Essay Key terms (not a preview)

PlayStation discovered there was an intrusion in the PlayStation Network. PlayStation Network customers are all registered into this network and most have sensitive information uploaded onto the network including payment information which all must be registered onto the system before activation. The hackers were able to gain access to three separate gaming systems including PlayStation, Oriocity, and Sony online gaming. Approximately over a million credit card numbers were reported stolen.

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