CIS 359 Contingency Planning in Action

Strayer CIS 359 Disaster Recovery Management, Term Paper: Contingency Planning in Action, Graded A, 29 pages, 4731 words and diagrams.
Create a hypothetical organization with details including geographic location(s), number of employees in each location, primary business functions, operational and technology details, potential threats to the business and its technology, and anything else that you believe is relevant to the business. Assume this organization is lacking in its contingency planning efforts and requires assistance in ensuring these efforts are appropriately addressed to increase its overall security and preparedness posture.
Write a ten to fifteen (10-15) page paper in which you:
1. Provide an overview of the organization and indicate why contingency planning efforts are needed and how these efforts could benefit the business.
2. Develop a full contingency plan for the organization. Include all subordinate functions / sub plans, including BIA, IRP, DRP, and BCP efforts.
3. Determine the policies and procedures that would be needed for all contingency planning efforts. Detail the role of the policy / procedure, and explain how each would help achieve the goals of these efforts.
4. Detail the processes to utilize in order to fully implement the contingency plan and its components, and explain the efforts to consider in maintaining the plans.
5. Create a hypothetical incident scenario where the contingency planning efforts would need to be utilized and detail:
a. how the plan is sufficiently equipped to handle the incident.
b. a timeline for the incident response and recovery efforts.
6. Identify any ethical concerns that are specific to this organization and its incident response personnel (especially the CP Team Leader), and explain how to plan for these concerns.
7. Use at least five (5) quality resources in this assignment.

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Discussion one:

Compare and contrast crisis management and incident response. Explain in your own words how these processes and strategies differ and how they are alike. Crisis management and incident response are similar in the way they both enable an organization to respond to conditions involving emergencies and disruptions. Both establish policy and procedures developed senior leadership and subject matter experts. Incident management differs from crisis management as it deals with a disruption of service associated with daily operations within an organization. Incident management also has a goal of restoring interrupted services back to normal as quick as possible in an effort to minimize downtown. Crisis management on the other hand is the response taken by an organization to deal with crisis impacting lives of employees, or the general public when disasters such tornadoes, or widespread flooding occurs.

Discussion two:

Discuss whether or not you believe most companies adequately prepare for crisis management and consider whether the amount of preparation conducted is on the same level as other contingency planning efforts. In my opinion, as more crisis management incidents occur, more emphasis is placed on adequately preparation for a crisis. As the level of crisis incidents decrease, the level of preparation decreases. I also believe that amount of preparation conducted is on the same level of contingency planning efforts unless crisis occur infrequently. Increased preparation normally occurs after a string of crisis occurs similar to increase cases of natural disasters or physical attacks. In addition, recent events around the world have led companies to prepare for crisis in the same manner as business continuity management.

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