CIS 348 Waterfall versus Agile

Strayer CIS 348 Information Technology Project Management, Assignment 3: Business Case, 5 pages, 817 words, Graded A for, IT Project Management with uCertify Course PMP® Project Management Professional. Research agile methodologies including SCRUM and extreme programming (XP).
1. Describe the waterfall methodology and identify its relationship to the PMBOK® process groups.
2. Describe the agile methodology and identify its relationship to the PMBOK® process groups.
3. Contrast waterfall and agile methodologies.
4. Describe XP and defend or criticize the practice.
5. Use at least two (2) quality resources in this assignment.

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Discussion one:

Explain in your own words the relationship between each element of the triple constraint of project management. Determine whether or not it is important to understand the triple constraint in order to be an efficient project manager. Justify your response. The triple constraint determines the balance of the project’s scope, schedule and budget. When they are “balanced”, meaning as one is increased, the other two are proportionately increased to match, the MOV can be achieved. If the scope increased (i.e., new, complex requirements are added), but the schedule and budget do not, there will be less of a change of meeting the MOV. An increase in scope will require more time, so the schedule will need to be increased as well. But, increasing those will require additional budget, as there will be more time and resources needed, which cost money.

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