CIS 348 The Role of Project Managers

Strayer CIS 348 Information Technology Project Management, Assignment 1: The Role of Project Managers. 5 pages, 691 words for IT Project Management with uCertify Course PMPĀ® Project Management Professional. Research job boards for project manager positions. Take note of the various industries that hire project managers. Then, research statistics from the project management institute on the rate of success of projects in different industries including IT.

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Gantt versus PERT Give your opinion on which graphical representation of a project schedule (e.g., Gantt or PERn is ideal for presenting the project schedule to a company executi.y with no project management background. Justify your response. These charts are tools that help you visualize the activities involved in completing a project. They combine scheduling information with dependencies among tasks, but they do so in different formats. Gantt charts present tasks in sequential order, with start and end dates. PERT charts are flow charts that are generally more complex and best suited for larger projects.A dependent task is one that cannot start until another task is partially or completely finished. A Gantt chart can list subtasks grouped by task, which implies a sequence of dependencies. PERT charts can operate at multiple nesting levels: A top-level diagram shows the major tasks and lower-level diagrams show the subtasks associated with a task. This provides an easy method to add or remove subtasks without disturbing the top-level diagram. Gantt charts normally show all tasks and subtasks at the same level, which can create multipage charts that managers must rearrange whenever adding, rescheduling or removing tasks. If you understand the work breakdown of your project and the schedule of each of the tasks therein, you can take advantage of this tool to show the way the project should proceed, when the milestones are expected to be attained.

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