CIS 348 Mobile App Part 3 Risk

Strayer CIS 348 Information Technology Project Management, Assignment 6: Mobile App Part 3 Risk, 7 pages, 1438 words, Graded A for, IT Project Management PMP® Project Management Professional.
Reference Assignment 5 Gantt and PERT Charts and Document at least ten total risks two risks for each phase of IT projects of the mobile application development project. Assess the likelihood of occurrence for each risk. Assess the impact of each risk on the success of the project. Identify an owner for each risk. Recommend a strategy to manage each risk.Identify project risk, and the techniques for ensuring project risk is managed and controlled in a technology setting. Write clearly and concisely about Information Technology Project Management topics using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.

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Rank the following parties as it relates to their responsibility over the quality of project deliverables. Justify your ranking.
• Project manager
• The development team
• The project sponsor
• The project sponsor
I feel that the project sponsor is the most important because they are the person(s) that get the project off the ground financially. They set the budget for the project, and provide what is needed in order to get the project from start to finish. I look at it like someone buying a car through their credit union. Though the customer is buying the car, they are paying for it through a loan from their credit union, who in a way ‘WOUld by their sponsor for buying the car. The same one that person ‘WOuldn’t have the money to buy the car without the credit union, the project ‘WOUld not be able to happen without the sponsor.
• Project Manager
I chose project manager second because once the project has been deemed able to happen and financially it is a go, the project manger then takes the lead in ensuring that the all scheduled tasks are created and completed. The project manager takes the lead throughout the project in ensuring that things get done. They also are responsible for ensuring that the project stays on budget, so as to appease the sponsor. Back to my illustration, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the car is being paid for and stays on track, so as to appease their relationship with their credit union.
• Project Team
The project team handles the individual tasks that it takes in order to get the project done. This can range from something like developing the GUI design for an interface to developing the code for the program. While I have it last on my list, its importance cannot be understated, seeing that if something is not handled in a timely fashion, it can delay the progress of the entire project. Again, the Project Manager is responsible for keeping this team on track, which is another reason why I have that position ranked higher on my listing.