CIS 348 Mobile App Part 1 Work Breakdown Structure

Strayer CIS 348 Information Technology Project Management, Assignment 4: Mobile App Part 1 Work Breakdown Structure, 5 pages, 364 words, with Microsoft Project WBS mpp, Graded A for, IT Project Management PMPĀ® Project Management Professional.
This assignment contains two deliverables: a summary document to be delivered in a word processor
document format and a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to be delivered in a project file.
Imagine that you work as the project manager for an IT department. Your organization has recently
approved the development of a mobile application. As the project manager, you will manage the
development of the project. The project will include user experience (UX) design by a consultant,
graphic design by a team of two contracted designers, and in-house application development by a team of
three (3) programmers and a database developer.

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Risk Control Examine the Proctor and Gamble (P&G) case study titled .. Behind the Scenes … Next, identify the main risk strategy(ies) utilized by P&G on their software upgrade project. Critique the project managersā€¢ choice by defending it or suggesting alternatives that could have been utilized. Based on project performed by P&G the strategy that was utilized created a end result that all PMs could hope for they were successful from planning to implementation. There was zero impact to the company and their customer. The strategy used was quite simple by developing a risk plan. They determined the scope and goals in other words determined what they wanted end results to be. They identified 3 major risks that involved and set forth to determine what needed to be done to reduce, eliminate and or mitigate the risk. By creating a PMO for each region so input came from all regions not just a selected few. The company also took in consideration the objectives and scopes that would need to be adjusted as the project moved forward. To help keep this under control they develop a team of expert, leaders and IT professional that utilized tools such a Brainstorming and mind mapping to keep track and document changes to that could affect the scope, by tracking, cataloguing and reporting. Most importantly effective and constant communications team leaders so that preparation to make change and react for any issue that pop out that may be abnormal. My opinion I will not change thing that they did this was a very successful project, based on the article, increase in sales cutover, and was flawless and transparent as mention in the article BAU business as usual.

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