CIS 348 Assignment 2 Business Case

Strayer CIS 348 Information Technology Project Management, Assignment 2: Business Case, 5 pages, 849 words, Graded A for, IT Project Management with uCertify Course PMPĀ® Project Management Professional. Imagine that you work as a project manager for a company that buys and sells used textbooks. The main sales channel is a Web application. A few customers have requested the creation of a mobile application with the ability to scan barcodes. The CEO wants you to prepare a formal business case before a decision is made on whether or not to build the mobile application. For this activity, you are free to draw assumptions on the company structure, costs, goals, and key performance indicators (KPis). However, you must clearly document each if assumed.
Write a two to three (2-3) page business case in which you:
I. Examine measurable organizational value (MOV). Identify areas of impact, the desired values, and
a time frame for achievement.
2. Suggest at least two (2) alternatives to developing a mobile application. Justify the consideration of
such alternatives.
3. Analyze the feasibility of developing the mobile application and your suggested alternatives.
4. Defme the cost of ownership of the mobile application.
5. Defme the benefits of ownership of the mobile application.
6. Predict the return on investment (ROI) of the mobile application and your suggested alternatives.
7. Identify risks associated with developing the mobile application.
8. Propose a fmal recommendation of whether or not the organization should develop the mobile
application or one of your alternatives.
9. Use at least one (1) quality resources in this assignment

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Infer two (2) constraints and two (2) assumptions of a project for implementing a food truck at a local farmers market expected to cost $40,000 and generate $1,500 in revenue per week. Justify your response. Constraints are limitations placed upon the project. Common constraints are scope (i.e., what the project needs to deliver) and schedule (i.e., how much time is available to deliver the scope). In this scenario, the food truck is constrained by the food offered on the menu (scope) and hours of operation of the farmers 1 markets (schedule). Assumptions are things that need to occur for the project to be successful. In this scenario, initial startup costs are expected to be $40,000. However if costs exceed this amount, would it have a negative impact on the project? If yes, this should be documented as a risk and then determine an acceptable risk response. Another assumption is the expected weekly revenue generation of $1500. If revenue fell short of this amount, what would be the impact? If it jeopardizes the project, a proper risk response needs to be considered for this circumstance.

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