CIS 336 Midterm Exam

Strayer CIS 336 Enterprise Architecture, Midterm Exam Graded A, 9 pages.
Question 1

This provides a blueprint for translating a business strategy into a plan for IS.

Question 2

This type of process reengineering uses a radical improvement method for change.

Question 3

By using IS to achieve economies of scale and generate operating efficiencies, Walmart epitomizes which one of Porter’s generic strategies?

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Question 4

Google has disrupted a number of industries, particularly the advertising and software industries. Google’s ability to quickly and aggressively provide new products and services is best described by:

Question 5

A small company in Des Moines wants to set up an IT architecture for its workforce. The company recently moved to an older building that has solid walls and ceilings. Furthermore, most of the staff likes the flexibility of moving around the open office space to perform work on their laptops. Which communication architecture makes most sense for this company?

Question 6

Which type of computer/IT architecture is limited to a central computer system?

Question 7

Many companies like Zara use POS to capture information on what has sold, to whom and when. This use of technology to realize efficiencies supports which one of Porter’s value chain activities?

Question 8

The physical means by which information is exchanged among hardware components is called _______.

Question 9

Which one of the following is a valid statement?

Question 10

Business strategies based on hypercompetition focus on customer satisfaction and profit maximization but also build in a component of business intelligence. Business intelligence helps an agile organization to:

Question 11

The type of software used in SOA architecture is often referred to as what?

Question 12

When using information technologies to collect data for the purpose of monitoring workers, a manager should do all of the following EXCEPT:

Question 13

Organizational, cultural, and control variables are considered the ________ used by decision makers to effect change in their organization.

Question 14

A general manager should:

Question 15

At the time of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and explosion, BP’s IS Strategy Triangle was out of __________.

Question 16

Significant changes in IS should trigger a reassessment of the _____________.

Question 17

Marketing has repeatedly asked the IT department about the possibility of aligning the new marketing plan with the company’s web site. They would like the new web site to be able to support more active content and permit customers to query an online catalog. You let them know that this is currently being considered and that you’re determining if this new business strategy can be translated into a viable plan of action. This would be part of which of the following?

Question 18

The concept of “jobs” is being replaced with the concept of work, requiring a framework that links the IS Strategy with the organization strategy to answer all of the following EXCEPT:

Question 19

Middleware is software used to:

Question 20

A bank provides its customers mobile applications that significantly simplify traditional banking activities. For example, a customer can use a smartphone to take a picture of a check and electronically deposit into an account. This unique service demonstrates the bank’s desire to practice which one of Porter’s strategies?

Question 21

Organizations seek to gain a competitive advantage by differentiation, cost, or _________.

Question 22

A firm releases a new technology only to have a competitor implement a similar technology with more features and value to the consumer. This would be which type of risk?

Question 23

ERP systems are expensive for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

Question 24

Enterprise Rent-A-Car was able to model and better understand how service requests were handled and then optimize the process, greatly benefiting the customer experience. Enterprise achieved this benefit using which tool?

Question 25

Which one of the following risks can threaten the IS of a company in a highly regulated industry such as financial services or health care?