CIS 331 MidTerm Exam

CIS 331 System Modeling Theory MidTerm Exam
15 Questions with Correct Answers, 3 PDF Pages.
Score 140 out of 150 (One Wrong)

Question 1
A tornado chart is a form of what-if analyses, which treats multiple inputs at once.

Question 2
Business Analysts routinely build and analyze formal models in their professional lives.

Question 3
During the problem solving process you can choose between two styles of thinking, convergent and divergent.

Question 4
Model Assessment invloves evaluating the results of the model.

Question 5
Optimization analysis assess what descision variables achieve the best possible value of an output.

Question 6
Outcomes are a result of the descisions made.

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Question 7
The What-if analysis assesses the change in outputs based on a change in inputs.

Question 8
The best way to begin the process of building a spreadsheet is to draw an influence chart.

Question 9
The multisheet format in Excel is called a Workbook.

Question 10
The break-even analysis assesses the change in outputs based on a change in inputs.

Question 11
Training which is important to improve the effectiveness of an analyst using spreedsheets is ______.

Question 12
Using probability models to examine the uncertainty of data to examine risk is risk analysis.

Question 13
When building a spreadhseet you should build everything at once and sort out the parts later rather than building a part at a time.

Question 14
When designing a spreadsheet it is best to start by typing everything you know into the spreadsheet and then correcting mistakes rather than planning ahead.

Question 15
You should design a spreadsheet in modules to bring together groups of similar items. Typically this modularization begins with the influence chart.
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