CIS 331 Final Exam

CIS 331 Final Exam, 15 questions.

Question 1
A Linear function is a sum of pair-wise products.
Question 2
Allocation, Covering, Blending, and Network are all types of models.
Question 3
Linear optimization, or linear programming, involves models with a linear objective function and linear constraints.

Question 4
Optimization problems are linear if the objective function and all the constraints are linear functions of the decision variables. If any component is nonlinear, the problem is classified as a nonlinear optimization problem.

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Question 5
Which of the following IS NOT a function of a pivot table?
Question 6
The Solver program only can solve linear mathamatical problems not non-linear ones.
Question 7
The purpose of a decision tree is distinguish between decisions and random events.
Question 8
Simple linear regression is not a common regression model.
Question 9
Spreadsheet models may represent either probabilistic dependency or deterministic dependency.
Question 10
The left hand side of a linear function is the linear constraint.
Question 11
When defining linear additivity is when a contribution is added.
Question 12
When defining linear proportionality is when the contribution does not grow in proportion to the corresponding variable.
Question 13
When the Solver is run, Solver searches for the optimal solution and places it in the changing cells.
Question 14
When the model is particularly small, a more efficient approach to a grid search is to replicate the model for each value of the decision variable you desire to test.
Question 15
With any simulation, there is some difference, or error, between the estimate and the true value we are seeking.

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