CIS 329 Week 9 Consultation for Sally Chu

Strayer CIS 329 Windows 7 Workgroup Consultation for Sally Chu, 8 pages, 1640 words with diagram. Imagine you have been hired as a network technology consultant for a small business. The owner of the business, Sally Chu, has asked you to provide assistance in setting up local users on a Windows 7 workgroup network. She also wants you to provide the highest level of security for her network.
Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you analyze and solve the following issues:
Sally wants all six (6) of her administrative staff members to have the same computer-access privileges. She wants them to be able to run applications and use network printers, but not be able to make any accidental changes that can adversely affect their computers.
Sally wants to be able to provide a high level of authentication for her network’s users, so she is asking for a dual authentication process. She has asked you to perform research in this manner by providing two (2) dual authentication methods.

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