CIS 309 MidTerm Exam

CIS 309 Web Page Development 2 MidTerm Exam
20 Questions with Correct Answers, 4 PDF Pages.

Question 1
FTP ____________ mode does not require a password.

Question 3
The TCP protocol is found at what layer?

Question 7
ISDN BRI provides data transfers at a speed of ____.

Question 9
In UNIX and Linux, what provides the user interface?

Question 11
When the processor needs to process data, it first looks in the ______.

Question 13
Which is the fastest RAID level?

Question 15
Standard switches are found at what layer of the OSI model?

Question 17
Which of the following is not a category of Red Hat Linux improvements and corrections?

Question 19
To create a boot floppy disk for Windows 2000, use the command _____.

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