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CIS 309 Web Page Development 2, All Quizs
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Question 1
The Internet shares part of the WAN that is also used by the international telecommunications network, but is distinguished by its use of _____.

Question 2
The name of Microsoft’s e-mail server is ____.

Question 3
__________ is a generalized term for specialized software designed to control access to your Web environment.

Question 4
FTP is found at what layer?

Question 5
HTTP stands for ______.

Question 6
The fastest common T-Carrier connection is _____.

Question 7
Which of the following is available on Windows 2000 but was not available on Windows NT?

Question 8
In UNIX and Linux, what provides the user interface?

Question 9
Which interface can support the most hard drives?

Question 10
Which IP class can support the most networks?

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