CIS 155 Review Exercises Chapters 7-8

CIS 155 UNIX Operating System, Review Exercises
Chapters 7-8 Questions and Answers.
Chapter 7 Review Exercises.

1. What are the two keys that usually used in Emacs commands?
[Ctrl] and [Meta], [Meta] maybe [Alt] or [Esc] depending on your keyboard.

3. What is command line to start Emacs using a filename?
$ emacs filename [Return]

5. Explain the following:
a. What is the echo line?
The echo line is used for reading arguments to the commands, such as
the name of a file to be opened.
b. What is the echo area?
The echo area is where prompts will appear such as error messages and where you can enter information such as a filename.
c. What is the minibuffer?
The minibuffer is the bottom line and is used for input.

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