CIS 155 Review Exercises Chapters 13-14

CIS 155 UNIX Operating System, Review Exercises
Chapters 13-14 Questions and Answers.
Chapter 13 Review Exercises.

1. What is the trap command for?
Issuing a trap command in your script changes the default actions of the signals received
by your process. Using the trap command, without the optional commands part,
changes the specified signals to their default actions. This command is useful when you
want to trap a certain signal in one part of your script and in another part you want the
signals not to be trapped.

3. Where do you use the trap command?
The default action taken by your process when it receives any of the signals is immediate
termination. You can use the trap command to change the process default action to
whatever you specify

5. What is the terminfo database? What information is stored in it?
The terminfo database is a single text file that contains descriptions of many types of terminals. There is a list of capabilities associated with each terminal in the database, and each terminal supported in your system has an entry in the terminfo file.

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