BUS 100 Week 8 Intro to Business Creating, Financing, and Marketing a Business

BUS 100 Week 8 Intro to Business Creating, Financing, and Marketing a Business 9 pages with 2,415 words.

There are many forms of ownership for businesses. One that is common in today’s world is a partnership. There are a few different types of partnerships including a general partnership, limited partnership,[redact]… [/redact]The basic aspect of a general partnership is that anyone who participated in the creation of the business makes [redact]…[/redact]usually cannot survive because a lack of resources to establish it. In a partnership[redact]…[/redact]. One person in the group may be an excellent accountant and the other may be an excellent advertiser. When the business comes[redact]…[/redact] of money required in the daily ventures of the company. Instead of looking for outside help for [redact]…[/redact] possibility of tax advantages. The money, or income, that passes through the business is considered personal [redact]…[/redact]

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With all these advantages there are still a few rib splitting disadvantages[redact]…[/redact]considered unlimited liability. If the company cannot pay expenses then both partners are put on the [redact]…[/redact]pertain to one partner or even the entire group. Most lawsuits go after the partner with the deepest pockets. [redact]…[/redact]there is a chance of disagreements when it comes to business decisions. If one person wants to sell their[redact]…[/redact] If one partner wants to leave they will have to come to an agreement with the other partner(s). They cannot simply bow out and go [redact]…[/redact] buy the other out of their portion so it is viable for one to leave.

There is one last type of partnership available[redact]…[/redact] The best thing about this is that is has all the advantages of a [redact]…[/redact] all partners to have limited liability so that no one gets the short end of the stick. The protection of [redact]this partnership varies by state laws. “Some have a ‘full-shield’ of protection allowing limited liability for all claims against their company, except those[/redact] resulting from their own negligence or malpractice. Other states offer a [redact]…[/redact]

Once you have decided [redact]…[/redact]their own personal resources into the business to get it started. Personal resources usually include personal [redact]…[/redact] professionally for funding and offer some kind of backing that if the business succeeds or fails they may receive repayment. [redact]…[/redact] your business is with loans. This is usually difficult because banks want to ensure that they are[redact]…[/redact] require a thorough business plan and credentials to be considered for a small business loan. A [redact]…[/redact] plan and help make it more appealing to banks to lend you assets.They also assist with applying for loans from several banks [redact]…[/redact] investors invest in companies with high growth potential in exchange for a share of ownership. [redact]…[/redact]You can usually find angel investment groups on the internet or even at [redact]…[/redact] Venture capital firms are the same as angel investors, but they are businesses [redact]…[/redact]Venture capital firms can be found just as easily with online search tools or database websites. [redact]…[/redact]

Next you want to determine a strategy which converts your goals into end results. [redact]…/redact]or even go to businesses and leave them a card telling them about your business. Websites, newspaper ads, [redact]…[/redact] promotion strategies you will want to determine a time line that is feasible for everything to occur. If you choose [redact]…[/redact] and determining your marketing plan.
The last thing you want to [redact]…[/redact] amount of resources available then you may not be able to afford some of the bigger advertising items [redact]…g[/redact] host services as low as $100 a year. You can also pay to have your [redact]…[/redact] highly profitable.

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