ACC 403 Auditing Midterm & Final Exams

Latest Strayer ACC 403 Auditing, both Midterm & Final Exams and Solutions,
Midterm Example:
SysTrust is a service provided by a CPA to evaluate and test a system reliability in areas such as security and data integrity. There are five principles that must be addressed on a SysTrust engagement: security, availability, processing integrity, online privacy, and confidentiality.
WebTrust is primarily designed to provide assurance to third party users of a Web site. SysTrust provides assurance to management, the board of directors or third parties about the reliability of information systems used to generate real-time information.

Final Example:
Material misstatement is the magnitude of misstatement that makes a reasonable person either change their mind or be influenced by the misstatement. Audit standards require the auditor to consider the combined amount of misstatement early in the audit. This is known as preliminary materiality judgment. List and discuss the three main factors that affect an auditor’s preliminary judgment about materiality.

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